Justin Miller

Justin Miller

Executive Chef

Anthony’s Chophouse and 3UP Executive Chef, Justin Miller, may be relatively new to the scene, but he is ready to make his mark and present his culinary vision and skills on a grand stage with LRG Restaurants. Justin has prepared a menu and assembled a team of chefs that will showcase spins on classic steakhouse cuisine.

Having honed his skills as an executive chef in the private club market, Justin is excited to bring his culinary expertise to the masses. Justin’s culinary expertise combines unique flavor profiles and presentation in a modern, fine dining atmosphere.

Justin will have an additional outlet to showcase his trend-setting talents as well. 3UP, the high-end rooftop bar that is separate from Anthony’s Chophouse, features signature cocktails and creative dining options coordinated with Justin.

Owner Anthony Lazzara, felt during the search for his executive chef that Justin’s creativity, passion and character perfectly fit the mold for Anthony’s Chophouse and the two had the opportunity to create something wholly unique that Carmel and the rest of the Indianapolis area deserved.

Justin looks forward to incorporating his global culinary training from the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes and passion for innovation and new-aged techniques.

Alex Tobey

Alex Tobey

General Manager

Alex Tobey, General Manager of 3UP.  His passion for the restaurant industry began at an early age, washing dishes in his grandparent’s restaurant. He learned the values of family and caring for others working for his grandparents.  He joined Anthony’s Chophouse and 3UP, at its conception in 2018, as the beverage and dining room manager.

Alex brings over 10 years’ experience working as a server, bartender and beverage manager at several Indianapolis area restaurants. Through his experience he has learned for businesses to succeed, the importance of creating an enjoyable atmosphere and establishing repeat customers. He is committed to providing the ultimate customer experience and feels he has an outstanding staff to make that happen. Alex will be completing his Sommelier Certification soon and is looking forward to sharing with guest the knowledge he has learned. 

When he is not working, he enjoys biking, kayaking, fishing, and learning more about spirits, beer and wine. Alex, originally from South Bend, is a die hard Notre Dame Football Fan and always had a podcast going in his ear about the team.